Artisans on Web: The Wine Vault

Enter the Wine Vault....abandon all worry and care......mind the musty smell and enjoy your visit!

For those who already know what to drink, the question is when. It's time to leave behind the travails of the modern age and tramp down to the cellar.

You'll find a wealth of wine notes on older vintages, written by John Gilman in the mid 1990s, through the links under "Opened Bottles" in the column to the right.

John left a fine legacy of thought on wines that you might have drunk or have mouldering away in your cellar.

These Wine Vault notes may help you decide when to pull the next cork.

And we have good news, you can now find the contemporary John Gilman at his "VIEW FROM THE CELLAR" with wine reviews and a bi-monthly electronic newsletter. A 'coverage of new releases and historical pieces on the world's top wine producers and vertical tasting reports of their wines'. We highly recommend you visit a "VIEW FROM THE CELLAR" for an ongoing, prodigious look at mature wines from around the globe.