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Pewter Bottle or Decanter Placard

Handsome and traditional way to label the contents of a decanter or bottle.
These can be laser engraved on the face.
2-3/4" wide, 2-3/8" high. Chain 6-1/2".
Personalized gift suggestion: A custom set of decanter placards engraved with "Rum", "Bourbon", "Scotch" or "Madeira", "Port", "Bordeaux", "Burgundy" or "Cabernet", "Merlot", "Zinfandel" and "Syrah" is a great gift idea.
To have yours engraved: Select engraved below, enter the text you want engraved and add to shopping cart.

$8.49 each (not engraved - no minimum) - engraved $11.99 each (Minimum of 5 for engraving)

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(example: Port, Burgundy, etc.)
If multiple lines, use Line 1: Line 2:
(example: Line 1: Port , Line 2: Ken & Janice)

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Bottle Tags- Resin Coated Paper- 50 tags

Reusable tags have a washable surface.
Green grape printed on one side for whites; burgundy on the other side for reds. Dimensions: 3-1/4" high, 1-5/8" wide. Set Of 50 tags with one marking pen. A truly clever way to organize your wine collection. Simply hang these handy tags on your bottleneck and, at a glance, read all the vital information without disturbing any bottles.



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Label Saver

The best way to remove labels. Splits the printed surface of the paper from the adhesive backing leaving a laminated label to place into a notebook. Made in the USA.

Set of 10 Label Savers - $9.95

Set of 20 Label Savers - $17.99

Set of 50 Label Savers - $42.95

Set of 100 Label Savers - $79.95

Wine, Tools, Accessories Food & Wine

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