About Us

Artisans on Web began in December of 1996 with a myriad of topics all related to wine, wine gifts online and the good life in the emerging world of international food and wine.

From the earliest days exploring what could be done on the internet in terms of pictures and words and eventually products, we've had quite an interesting journey participating in and watching the emergence of retail online and making a website an interesting place to visit for information and getting what you need and what we could offer.

We've seen a great deal come and go as people tested wine gift online ideas and invested money at bringing business to the internet.

Our Artisans on Web philosophy has been to make it as genuine as possible and a bit hand done, never losing a sense of personal touch in what we do. We try to make it clear there are people involved, we're not a big and indifferent company and that we stand behind the quality of what you will find here, artisanal products for people who enjoy wine, food and the good life.

If you love wine and the life style that goes with it we hope you find here an uncomplicated way to search and buy things of interest. We look forward to serving you to the best of our ability.