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Wine Bottle Decanter Basket

Great for pouring mature, vintage wines and getting every drop of drinkable wine while leaving behind the sediment, whether decanting into a glass or a decanter.
The Wine Decanter Baskt also makes a nice way to display a favorite wine bottle on the table or on the mantle.
Hand woven, silver plated wire, wine decanting basket. Dimensions: 7 3/8" high, 9 3/8" length, 4 1/2 wide.

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Bon Service Decanter 5 Piece Gift Set

A complete 5-piece set of decanting essentials packed in one box. A great gift for a wine lover or give yourself the gift. of all you need for perfect decanting and care. The Bon Service Kit contains:
- Pomerol Medium Decanter
Crystal decanter, made in Europe of lead free Crystal
Capacity 1 qt. 22 oz., rim full
- Decanter Ball Stopper
- Decanter Drying Stem, Stainless Steel
- Glass Decanter Funnel
- Decanter Cleaning Balls
stainless steel, for removal of tartar deposits



Pewter Decanter Placard or Bottle Tickets

Handsome and traditional way to label the contents of a decanter or bottle. These attractive markers are part of a tradition that dates back at least to the early 1700s.
These can be laser engraved on the face.
2-3/4" wide, 2-3/8" high. Chain 6-1/2".
Personalized gift suggestion: A custom set of decanter placards engraved with "Rum", "Bourbon", "Scotch" or "Madeira", "Port", "Bordeaux", "Burgundy" or "Cabernet", "Merlot", "Zinfandel" and "Syrah" is a great gift idea.
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$8.49 each (not engraved - no minimum) - engraved $11.99 each (Minimum of 5 for engraving)

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Contemporary Decanter Drying Stand

This ultra modern, open design allows you to quickly and efficiently dry your decanter. Simply place your decanter upside down on the protective rubber tip of our nickel-plated dryer, and with no effort your decanter clearly dries spot free and ready for the next bottle of great wine. Approximately 13"H x 6 3/4"W.



Bottle Pourer with Stopper, Chrome Plated

Chrome plated pouring spout with a 3 ring rubber base and rubber wine bottle stopper base. The wine bottle stopper fits snuggly into bottle opening.



DropStop Mylar Pouring Spout

Thin and flexible silver foil mylar disc is rolled up and inserted into the bottle neck before pouring to stop wine from dripping.

10 - $44.00

20 - $34.00

30 - $46.00

50 - $67.00

100 - $120.00

DropStop Mylar Pouring Spout Packet of 2

Makes for a good gift in a nice package. Thin and flexible, the silver foil mylar disc is rolled up and inserted into the bottle neck before pouring to stop wine from dripping.

5 - $28.00

10 - $46.00

15 - $61.80

20 - $79.60

Labeloff / Labelsaver

The best way to remove labels. Splits the printed surface of the paper from the adhesive backing leaving a laminated label to place into a notebook. In a packet. Makes a nice gift for wine collectors that keep wine notes. Made in the USA.

10 - $9.95

20 - $16.95

50 - $39.89

100 - $59.95

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