Our Customer's Comments on Service and Satisfaction

" HI Michael! All good ! Thanks for the work on such a short deadline. "

" Michael:
I have just received and installed the Part Number 14 (inner core complete), which also included the "worm". I am exceptionally pleased with the parts from Artisans on Web, as this replacement core is constructed SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER than the original, and fitment and function are more than satisfactory."

"Dear Michael, Just wanted to let you know we received the Wine Party Plates the day before the event and they worked out great. I was very pleased with the quality and sturdiness of the plate itself. Thanks again. Kimberly"

"I apologize for my delayed response. I was away from any internet access over the weekend. Thank you for your attempt to complete the order in time! I really appreciate it. Go ahead with the frosted boxes, those will work just fine. Thanks again, Laurel"

"Thank you this is perfect. Jeannie "

"Thank you for your quick response...I appreciate it Jeannie"

"Wonderful, thanks for all of your help with this. Eric"

"Dear Eric, We sent your revised order to the engraver on 21st of July. We expect your order to ship early this week. We will send tracking information as soon as it ships. The difference in price was $42.50 after reducing the quantity to 13 from 15 which we billed to your credit card. We provided the Velveteen pouches at no expense and as a thank you for continuing to work with us on this. Sincerely, -- Michael"

"Hi Michael, Sounds good - thanks so much for accommodating the 'pre-shipping/net price' for the customs paperwork. Looking forward to receiving the shipment. Cheers, Linda"

"Hi Mariela, Thank you for sending the new proof. I think the new placement in the lower right corner looks great - thank you! Breanne"

"Hi Michael, That looks great. Please let them know right away. So we can get these as soon as possible! Thank you so much for your help Susan K"

" That is great. Thank you so much. Heidi"

" Thank you for the follow thru. This is a gift and I have checked to see when they will be in residence at the address in Apache Junction that I gave as the delivery address. No one will be home until late Wednesday, the 24th, so delivery on Thursday would be ideal."

"I would like two more cases of this wine if you have it. Thanks. vernon"

"Good Day Michael, Yes I am still interested. Thanks for not forgetting about me! Regards, Gerard"

"Hi Michael, Yes the management seemed quite happy with the plates! Thanks again; no further needs at this time. Yes you can bill my Amex for the shipping but I'll need a receipt. Thank you, Kari"

"You rock! I'm waiting. Rebecca"

"The shipment arrived as scheduled. Thanks very much for your help! Kari"

"Thanks for your follow through-- the package was delivered and held by a neighbor who thought the recipients were still out of town. They are delighted with your merchandise, and I appreciate your fine service, carol "