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Corkscrews: Best Wine Opener Under Ten Dollars ($10.00)

[Double Power corkscrew]Click to enlarge Double Power Waiter's Corkscrew, Soft Touch Model PLAIN or IMPRINTED

The next great thing! Double Power Waiter's Corkscrew uses the Double Power system to automatically move from the higher lever to the lower one by hinging two boot levers on the same rivet. This new design also includes a patented knife blade system. When the boot levers are fully opened, the blade closes automatically. Last, but not least this soft touch model includes a non-slip rubber top for a firm grip when extracting the cork.

Dimensions: 4 5/8" length
Available COLORS: Black, Dark Blue, White and Burgundy (All with Gray rubber trim exterior)

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Double Power Waiter's Corkscrew, Soft Touch Model: 1 or more

$12.00 each to $6.25 each; Discounts are on Quantities

1 - $12.00 each
2 to 3 - $8.50 each
4 to 5 - $7.60 each
6 to 10 - $6.95 each
11 to 24 - $6.50 each
25+ - $6.25 each

Enter Quantity - Minimum: 1:

[Traveler's corkscrew]Click to enlarge Traveler's Corkscrew And Bottle Opener, PLAIN or IMPRINTED

This strong, two-piece ABS plastic corkscrew, with foil cutter and bottle opener comes in a variety of colors.
In use, the colorful protective sheath comes off and is used to create a firm crossbar handle for pulling the cork. The top of the sheath is also fitted for use as a metal bottle opener.
Great for hotel room service, room amenity, picnic baskets, trade shows, or direct retail.

Dimensions: 5" length Made in Italy
* Standard Colors: Black, Burgundy, Blue, Green, Beige, White, Turquoise, Lime, Yellow, Grape, Pink, and Orange.
* Translucent Colors: Translucent Clear, Translucent Red, and Translucent Blue.

Purchase Plain or you can Personalize the Traveler's Corkscrew And Bottle Opener with your logo or text.
Promotions and Gifts. Imprint your logo or text. See details below, scroll down past Purchase Plain.
Traveler's Corkscrew And Bottle Opener, No Imprint: 10 or more

$1.52 each to $1.06 each; Discounts are on Quantities
10 to 30 - $1.52 each
31 to 100 - $1.22 each
101 to 200 - $1.10 each
201 to 500 - $1.08 each
500+ - $1.06 each

Enter Quantity - Minimum: 10

[Traveler's corkscrew]Click to enlarge Traveler's Corkscrew And Bottle Opener, IMPRINTED

Purchase Imprinted Traveler's Corkscrews, with Text or Logo - detailed Information
Method of imprint: Screen/Pad Print
Colors of imprint: Any standard color or PMS color, you choose
Time to complete and ship order: About 10 business days.

*For text imprint, we can provide you a standard attractive font or you can find a font to use here.
*For Logo imprint: Send us your logo and tell us the name of color to imprint (blue, black, gold, etcetera), or the PMS color.
You can find a PMS color from the Pantone chart here.

*Sending us your logo artwork: Click to send an e-mail with your artwork file attached
Or, place your order and wait for the order confirmation e-mail. Reply to the confirmation e-mail, attaching your artwork and send.

Logo artwork requirements: Adobe Illustrator (.ai) and Photoshop (.eps) files preferred, (with 600-1200 dpi). *The artwork must be black and white only, no greyscale.

*Minimum order for Imprinting is: 250 pieces

Ordering is Easy for One Color imprint
- One time Die Set up charge, please check the box: $40.00
- Enter quantity of Traveler's Corkscrews
- For text imprint, enter your text in box, any font choice, and imprint color.
- For logo imprint, send logo artwork as: .eps or .ai file. Artwork file must be Black and White only, no greyscale.

Order imprint, Logo or Text: Minimum 250 or more

Check box One Time Die Set Up Charge ONE COLOR $40.00

$1.65 to $1.49 each; Discounts are on Quantities
250 to 500 One Color Imprint - $1.65 each
500+ One Color Imprint - $1.49 each

Enter Quantity - Minimum: 250
For One Color Imprint of text or logo: Enter your color for imprint..
If imprinting text, enter text and font name
If multiple lines of text, enter as Line 1: Line 2:, etc.

Corkscrew Pulltap's Corkscrew
Unique double-lever system. Serrated knife blade. Contoured steel handle. Black, Burgundy, White, Dark Green, Dark Blue. 4-3/4" long.
Laser Engraving - You can also have the best wine opener Pulltap corkscrews personalized with the same or different names or initials on any order of 36 or more, when you go to Imprinting and Engraving Corkscrews - click here


Corkscrew Beechwood Bistro Corkscrew
This corkscrew has been popular for many years. A reverse helix corkscrew. 7" long.

Corkscrew Automatic Corkscrew, Chrome Plated and made in Italy.
An automatic wine opener

5-5/8" long.


automatic corkscrew
automatic wine opener
best wine opener

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