Wine Preservation: Private Preserve, Wine Preserver, Wine Vacu Vin, Electro Vino Vac

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Voted best by a number of wine writers and wine evaluators because you remove all air and replace it with safe and inert nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and argon which blankets the wine in the bottle. Just insert straw into the bottle and give it a few short bursts. Reseal the bottle with a cork or original screw cap. Harmless gas rests on top of the wine. Keeps a partial bottle of wine as close to its original condition as possible. Wines will remain in good condition up to months. Does not flavor wine in any way. 100% safe. Number of uses with one can: up to 120 bottles.
Recommended companion purchase:
Get the best of Vacu Vin and Private Preserve with a purchase of Vacu Vin Vacuum Stoppers, below. They provide a perfect and re-useable seal.

Minimum Quantity Order for engraved Marble Cooler: 12 pieces

$10.99/can, 10% discount on 6 cans, 20% discount on 12 cans


Wine Vacu Vin Wine Stoppers

Two Stopper Set or Ten Stopper Set. We highly recommend the handy wine Vacu Vin stoppers for sealing your wine bottle. Recommended for use with Private Preserve above for achieving a good seal.

$6.00 set of 2 - $24.99 set of 10


Wine Vacu Vin Vacuum Wine Saver

Vacu Vin Basic - Includes one pump and one stopper.



Wine Vacu Vin Vacuum Wine Saver

Vacuum Wine Saver Gift Pack - Includes one pump and two stoppers.



Electro VinoVac Wine Saver System

Automatic vacuum pump for saving leftover wine.
Position unit over the bottle top and push down. The trigger switch will be activated. Air will be extracted automatically. When extraction is completed LCD will show "OK". Then press the top bottom labeled "TEMP". It will display wine temperature in °F or °C.
The lower button, "STORAGE TIME" indicates how many days and hours the wine has been stored. Pull unit straight up off bottle to remove.
For storage, a bottom lid inserts into the base.
Dimensions: 3-1/8" H., 2-1/2" across top.



Champagne Saver and Pourer

Preserves bubbles and taste for up to a week. When pouring champagne, inevitable drips will no longer stain your tabletop. 3" high, 2-1/4" in diameter. Black only.



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