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Wine Accessories: Champagne Accessories - Champagne Stopper, Opener, Saver, Pourer, Champagne Pliers

[preservation] Champagne Saver and Champagne Pourer
Preserves bubbles and taste for up to a week. When pouring champagne, inevitable drips will no longer stain your tabletop. 3" high, 2-1/4" in diameter. Black only.

[champagne access] Champagne Opener, Chrome or Gold plated
The safe way to open sparkling wine. Grasp the cork before twisting or breaking the wire muzzle for completely safe extraction. Strong piano-type double hinge; spring loaded.
Weighs hefty 9 ounces.
Measures 3-3/4" across, 4" high.

Chrome Plated $16.99 or Gold Plated $20.99

[champagne access] Champagne Pliers Silver Plated
Attractively designed piece gives a positive grip for champagne cork removal.
3-1/2" wide, 4-1/2" long.


[champagne access] Super-Seal Champagne Stopper, ABS plastic
Plastic - Super-Seal rubber base/ 1-7/8". Black or White.

[champagne access] Super-Seal Champagne Stopper
Nickel Plated - $6.99
Gold Plated (not shown) - 2-1/4" high, 1-1/4" diameter.


[champagne access] Super-Seal Champagne Stopper
Nickel Plated with Colored Body - Powder coat finish on the body. Black or White.

[champagne access] Champagne Opener
Chrome Plated - $16.99
Gold Plated - $20.99
Measures 3-3/4" across, 4" high.


[champagne access] Rosewood Wine and Champagne Stopper
Rosewood Cap, stainless steel stopper with double rubber gasket to seal bottle. 1-7/8" long.

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