StudioM productions invites you to listen to the recovered
Michael Todd tape mixes- anywhere, anytime.
Todd, currently and perpetually playing in the Celestial Choir
left a lot for those of us trapped here on Earth.

Handmade music mixes from original vinyls to cassette,
now converted to mp3 for the discerning music listener of great music.

Studio M goes

Michael Todd Tapes

In the New York Todd Room

6 Jukeboxes here of Michael Todd's original and wide ranging tastes in Music and Humor. All in the way this master music mixer designed it, for many entertaining occasions.

The Jukeboxes
Brit humor - British Rock - Blues, R&B, Soul, Funk - Reggae and African Rythms - Rock and Roll - Crowbar Music
*Recovered from 44 double sided cassette recordings

*Key to playing the Jukeboxes:
Every Juke Box is a straight play, a mix of about 45 minutes.
Select and click a title in the juke box to play.

To switch to another mix just click on a new title in any gallery. The title you were listening to will stop and the new selection will begin to play.
When a mix finishes the jukebox will automatically roll to the next mix in the jukebox.

© Studio M Productions: Studio M goes Down To The Nightclub in The New York Todd Room