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Italian wines from the region of Sardegna - Soletta

Sardegna - Sardinia Italian Region, Wine of Soletta | Artisans on Web

Wines on this page: Soletta

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- Soletta Sardo Vermentino di Sardegna DOC
- Soletta Vermentino Chimera DOC
- Soletta Sardo Cannonau di Sardegna DOC
- Soletta Corona Majore Riserva DOC
- Soletta Keramos Cannonau Riserva DOC
- Soletta Hermes Isola dei Nuraghi Bianco Moscato IGT Passito

Soletta (More on Soletta wines...)

wine bottle
2015 Soletta Sardo Vermentino di Sardegna DOC

This lovely wine has a pale yellow color with aromas of citrus fruits and flowers and a fresh well-balanced taste with fresh-fruit undertones.
It's delicious as an aperitif or when served with fish, shellfish, light meats, pastas dishes with light sauces and soft cheeses. Serve chilled.

wine bottle
2014 Soletta Vermentino Chimera DOC

Aged on the lees for 6 months in stainless steel, then 3 months of further aging. A lovely wine with a pale straw color and aromas of citrus fruits and yellow berries. The taste is beautifully well-balanced, full and fresh.
A fine wine for sipping or as an aperitif, also pairs well with grilled fish and all types of seafood, salads, omelettes and white meats. Serve chilled.

wine bottle
2012 Soletta Sardo Cannonau di Sardegna DOC

This is a beautiful ruby red wine with intense earthy aromas of pomegranate and sweet violets.
It has a well-balanced, warm, elegant taste that pairs well with grilled red meat, roasted game and aged dry cheeses. Serve at room temperature.

wine bottle
2011 Soletta Corona Majore Riserva DOC

Corona Majore, aged in tank and bottle 2 1/2 years before release, is an exquisite, deep ruby red colored wine with an intense bouquet of red & black berries.
It's dry, warm and intense with an elegance that pairs well with pastas with legumes or with red sauces such as amatriciana, braised ribs, classic pork dishes, stuffed Cornish hens and aged cheeses. Serve at room temperature.

wine bottle
2009 Soletta Keramos Cannonau Riserva DOC

100% Cannonau. Aged 24 months in oak barrels on the yeast.
Colour is uby with garnet-red reflexes Aromas are enveloping, complex and varied perfume, with many scented nuances that span from ripe red berries to spices In the mouth it has a superb roundness with flavours of cherry and plum, pleasing hints of spices and complex but balanced finish.
Rich in personality. Enjoy with elaborate first courses, red meats and game, slightly hot aged cheeses, superb meditation wine.

wine bottle
2006 Soletta Hermes Isola dei Nuraghi Bianco Moscato IGT Passito

For the appassimento (withering) of these indigenous, aromatic grapes the sun is an indispensable element for the typicality of this wine. The wine is aged 3 1/2 years before release.
Hermes has a rich bouquet and a taste that is sweet and soft with flavors reminiscent of dried pears and apricots and an aftertaste of amber honey and melon.
This is a perfect wine to enjoy as an aperitif or with dried fruits, cheeses, sweet pastries and all types of desserts.

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