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Cantina Ripatransone Marche
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Figini Piedmont
Vigna del Parroco Piedmont
Barone La Lumia Sicily
Angelo Sassetti Tuscany
Fattoi Tuscany
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Aretino Tuscany
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Montesel Veneto
Le Xi Terre
Nifo Campagna
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Trentino - Alto Adige
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Italian wines from the region of Northern Tuscany

Italian wines from the region of Northern Tuscany
Wines on this page:
Cantina Aretino's Terre Toscanae, Ruspante, Albergotti, Fonterosso

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- Cantina del'Aretino Chardonay Terrae Toscanae IGT
- Cantina del'Aretino Terre Toscanae Sangiovese di Toscana IGT
- Cantina del'Aretino Chianti Colli Aretini - Ruspante DOCG
- Cantina del'Aretino Fonterosso Chianti Riserva DOCG
- Cantina del'Aretino Barone Albergotti - Super Tuscan IGT
- Cantina del'Villa Albergotti Chianti Riserva DOCG
- Cantina del'Casato Albergotti Chianti DOC Superiore DOCG

Cantina Aretino (More on Aretino wines...) - Chianti Colli Aretini

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2014 Aretino Chardonay Terrae Toscanae IGT

This wine is made from 100% Chardonnay grapes grown in vineyards in the hills and mountains of the Valdichiana Toscana.
With it's delicate, fresh, fruity taste that's smooth and well balanced, this beautiful Chardonnay is a perfect aperitif, or can be enjoyed with antipasti, soups, vegetables, fresh cheeses or all types of fish dishes. Should be served chilled.

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2014 Aretino Terre Toscanae Sangiovese di Toscana IGT

Made from 100% Sangiovese grapes that are hand picked and sorted, traditionally cold pressed under temperature-controlled conditions and subsequent prolonged maceration in order to enhance the fragrances and retain the color continuity from the skins.
This wine has a brilliant ruby red color tending to granite with age. The aroma is distinctly characteristic of Sangiovese, delicate, fresh and full. It is soft and velvety on the palate with good structure and an engaging persistence. This is a wine of beautiful body and is perfect for many dining occasions. Couples well with grilled or roasted meats, all red meats, game, and sharp cheese. Serve at room temperature.

wine bottle
2015 Aretino Chianti Colli Aretini Ruspante DOCG

This wine comes from 75% Sangiovese, 10% Canaiolo, 5% Cabernet, 5%Trebbiano di Toscano, and 5% Malvasia del Chianti.
It has a persistent and pronounced yet delicately fruity aroma. The taste is pleasing but dry with soft tannins that become velvety with time. The color is ruby red that tends to granite with age. A complement to red meats, pastas, and tasty cheeses. Serve at room temperature.

wine bottle
2012 Fonterosso Chianti Riserva DOCG

Made from 75% Sangiovese and 15% Cabernet grapes (which may vary slightly according to the harvest) and 5% each of Canaiolo and Merlot, this beautiful Chianti is made in a very special manner. After the traditional hand harvesting and vinification of the grapes, the juice is separated and aged for two years, in four different ways; 20% of the juice goes into small, two year old French Allier barrels of medium toast, 20% goes into small, two year old Missouri Oak barrels of medium toast, 40% goes into medium sized Slavonic oak barrels and 20% is conserved in stainless steel. After this time in wood, the wine is blended together and kept for one month to rest.
This is a prestigious, full bodied, robust wine that can be served on many occasions. A fine complement to roasted and grilled meats, game and seasoned cheeses. Serve at room temperature. To enjoy the optimum flavor, decant for one hour prior to dining.

wine bottle
2011 Aretino Barone Albergotti IGT - Super Tuscan

The traditional Tuscan governo-style of wine making is also employed in the making of this wine , with the periodic natural decanting (drawing off) the addition of fresh must and the maturation of the wine in Slavonic oak barrels (in underground cellars). After 12 months of barrel aging, the wine is filtered and bottled . The wine then rests for three months in the bottles before being released into the marketplace.
This noble wine has an intense, persistent and delicately vanilla flavor with hints of mature fruit. The taste is dry, full-bodied and well structured with the characteristic scent of berries, vanilla and wood. A wonderful compliment to robust meals of game, barbecued meats, spicy cheeses and all types of pastas with tasty sauces. Serve at room temperature.

wine bottle
2011 Villa Albergotti Chianti Riserva DOCG

The wine is aged for 12-18 months in four different ways: 75% in both English and Slavonic oak barrels, 15% in stainless with micro oxygenation, 5% in American barrique and 5% in French barrique, with an additional 2 months in the bottle.
This is an intense, ruby red wine that has a prestigious full-bodied flavor that's dry and well-balanced, with good structure and a finish reminiscent of wild berries. Complements steaks, burgers, earthy mushroom dishes, pastas with tomato or meat sauces and seasoned cheeses. Serve at room temperature.

wine bottle
2013 Casato Albergotti Chianti Superiore DOC

Aging lasts for about six months with 60% of the wine in both English and Slavonic oak barrels and 40% in stainless steel, sur lže (on the noble lees) with micro oxygenation. The wine is then blended together, bottled, and left to rest in the bottle for an additional two months.
This is lovely ruby red wine with pronounced yet delicate fruit aromas and hints of vanilla and wood and a full mouth flavor that's dry and well-balanced. Pairs well with grilled strip loin of beef, broiled pork or lamb chops, risottos and all types of pasta dishes. Serve at room temperature.

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