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Cantina Ripatransone Marche
San Savino Marche
Terre Valse Abruzzo
Cairel Piedmont
Figini Piedmont
Vigna del Parroco Piedmont
Barone La Lumia Sicily
Angelo Sassetti Tuscany
Fattoi Tuscany
Querciavalle Tuscany
Aretino Tuscany
Savese Puglia
Montesel Veneto
Le Xi Terre
Nifo Campagna
Soletta Sardegna
Cantine Monforte
Trentino - Alto Adige
Cantina Venosa Basilicata


Italian wines from the region of Sicily

Wines on this page: Tenuta La Lumia and Cantina Russo

Click to wines on this page:
- Tenuta La Lumia Gloria Inzolia IGT (white wine)
- Tenuta La Lumia Il Cadetto IGT (Nero d'Avola)
- Tenuta La Lumia Torreforte IGT (Nero d'Avola) 18 to 23 year old vines
- Tenuta La Lumia Don Toto IGT "barrique" (Nero d'Avola)
- Tenuta La Lumia Nikao Dolce IGT

- Cantina Russo Uve d'Oro Insolia IGT

Tenuta Barone Nicolo La Lumia (More on Barone La Lumia's wines...)

wine bottle
2011 Gloria Inzolia IGT (white wine)

Made from 100% Inzolia grapes.
A delicate, straw colored white wine that's fresh, fragrant and pleasantly smooth with a sophisticated character
that pairs perfectly with appetizers, shellfish or combinations of fish, white meats, pastas with light sauces, and soft cheeses. Serve chilled.

wine bottle
2014 Il Cadetto IGT (Nero d'Avola)

100% Nero d'Asola. This beautiful ruby red wine has aromas of wild berries and plum jam. It is warm and fruity with rustic notes of spice and leather.

wine bottle
2002 Torreforte IGT (Nero d'Avola) 18 to 23 year old vines

Made from 100% Nero d'Avola grape. Aged for 3 years before release.
The wine has a beautiful red color tending to granite, aromatically rich with scents of spices, violets and leather. The taste is prestigious and pleasant, full of nuances of fruit and spice with balanced tannins.
Pairs well with roasted and braised meats and aromatic cheeses.

wine bottle
2009 Don Toto IGT "barrique" (Nero d'Avola)

Made from 100% Nero d'Avola grapes from old vines, aging in French oak casks for 6 months. Dedicated to the great grandfather, the founder of the noble house of La Lumia and the first person in Licata, Sicily to bottle his wines, also the first winery to bottle this varietal.
The color is a rich, deep ruby red with aromas of plum and blackberries and rustic notes of spice, wood, and leather. The taste is rich, with intense fruit, balanced tannins and a long lingering finish.
This wine is perfect served with strong flavored foods, game and roasted meats. Decanting is recommended before serving in order to enjoy the full benefits of this wine. Can be cellared for over 10 years.

wine bottle
2013 Nikao Dolce IGT (100% Nero d'Avola late harvest)

This wine is made from 100% Nero d'Avola grapes, hand-harvested in the middle of September having left the grapes to over ripen on the vine for about 10 days. The grapes are air dried on gratings and turned every two days to improve the "raisining"quality.
This is a beautiful, full-bodied dessert wine with a rich jammy scent of dried figs, maraschino cherries and chocolate.
It pairs well with sweet pastries, aged cheeses and chocolate fondue.

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