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Cantina Ripatransone Marche
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Italian wines from the region of Marche

Wines on this page: Cantina Ripatransone

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- Cantina Ripatransone Mojo Falerio, Marche Bianco DOC
- Cantina Ripatransone Mojo Marche Rosso IGT


Cantina Ripatransone (More on Cantina Ripatransone wines...)

wine bottle
2014 Mojo Falerio, Marche Bianco (Trebbiano, Passerina, Pecorino blend) DOC

Mojo comes from the vineyards of Cantina Colli Ripani located high in the mountains of southern Marche overlooking the Adriatic Sea.  This wine is made from three different grape varietals, Trebbiano, Passerina, and Pecorino, to form the blend known as Falerio. Passerina, named for the little female sparrow who loved to eat it's tasty pulp, and Pecorino, from the Italian word Pecora, meaning sheep (because the sheep used to eat the grapes when herded past the vineyards). Since the grapes mature at different times, they are harvested at different times; the Pecorino in early September, the Trebbiano at the end of September and the Passerina in the first 10 days of October.
Falerio is a beautiful white wine with sensuous, inviting, floral aromas and a fresh fruit taste that's pleasantly soft.
It pairs well with all types of fish, shell fish and light meats or can be enjoyed simply as a sipping wine. Serve chilled.

wine bottle
2015 Mojo Marche Rosso IGT 100% Sangiovese

Mojo is made from 100% Sangiovese grapes. Mojo comes from the vineyards of Cantina Colli Ripani located high in the mountains of southern Marche overlooking the Adriatic Sea. 
The result is a beautiful ruby red wine with an intense and persistent aroma of mature fruit, spices, and licorice. The taste is full, robust and persistent, with perfectly balanced tannins, warm, soft and aromatic.
A fine complement to read roasted meats, game and season cheeses. Serve at room temperature.

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