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Marquis de Sade by Michel Gonet Champagne France

Marquis de Sade Champagne France

Champagne Marquis de Sade Named after the famous (or infamous!) 18th Century French Writer, Poet, Philosopher, this "marque" is owned by one of the most prestigious Houses in Champagne. Michel Gonet is located in Avizes, owning some 30 hectares of prime vineyards, including 20 hectares of Grand Cru. After several years of collaboration with direct descendants of the Marquis de Sade, Michel Gonet has created a Champagne named after the notorious 18th-century French writer. Michel Gonet now owns the rights to market the Champagne under the de Sade family name. Marquis de Sade Champagnes are made only from grapes grown in their own vineyards and are aged for a minimum of three years in bottle before release. Sade was a man of savage intelligence who carried the philosophy of the French enlightenment to its logical extreme. He is now frequently grouped with Freud and Marx and considered to be a crucial shaping influence on the 20th Century. Like him or loathe him, he was certainly a writer who cannot be ignored. Marquis de Sade Champagnes are of the very finest quality - opulent in style and made only from grapes grown in their own vineyards, they are aged for a minimum of three years in bottle before being released. They have a character and expression every bit as unique as the name they bear.
Quotations from the Marquis de Sade "I am about to put forward some major ideas; they will be heard and pondered. If not all of them please, surely a few will; in some sort, then, I shall have contributed to the progress of our age, and shall be content." Philosophy in the Bedroom "Imperious, choleric, irascible, extreme in everything, with a dissolute imagination the like of which has never been seen, atheistic to the point of fanaticism, there you have me in a nutshell, and kill me again or take me as I am, for I shall not change." Last Will and Testament "The pleasure of the senses is always regulated in accordance with the imagination. Man can aspire to felicity only by serving all the whims of his imagination." 120 Days of Sodom
The product is Marquis de Sade Champagne which was banned not because it was bad, but because the original label showed an illustration of a naked, very young girl being whipped.

Marquis de Sade Champagne, House of Michel Gonet

Marquis de Sade Champagne Brut Reserve
Cepage: 100% Chardonnay Terroir Resulting from the great vintages of the Cotes Blanc: Oger and Mesnil on Oger. Tasting Color gold pale. Fine bubble and light cord proof of a slow fermentation with low temperature. Lively in the nose, perfume of brioche and toast, long in the finish and very typical of old vine Chardonnay . Additional Tasting Notes: Champagne complex and mature Color - yellow to straw with green reflections. A cord of fine and active bubbles. Flavoring the nose presents a character of rarity by the intensity of the flavoring and the wealth of the aromatic palette: leather, musk, under humid wood associated to grades empyreumatiques (roasted coffee). The body is reminiscent of grades of spice. Taste in the mouth presents a supple attack which reminds one of many things, with a presence. The fruity notes dominate all while respecting the balance of the wine. The final note continues in the finish and in the length. In short: - supple - wooded - Beauty - prices and rare beauty are in agreement. Gourmets will enjoy with solid aperitifs such as dried or smoked meats, fatty liver. And in meals with roasted shellfish.

Marquis de Sade Champagne Blanc de Blanc Grand Cru
Cepage: 100% Chardonnay Terroir Resulting from the best of the Cotes Blanc: Oger and Mesnil on Oger. Tasting Fine foam, light cord. Powerful in the nose, and with length in the mouth, elegant and fresh. Mineral nose, floral, impressive, dashing. Excellent aperitif wine.

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