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La Ca Nova Barbaresco Piedmonte, Italy

La Ca Nova

In the region of Piedmont, nestled on the ridge of a hill in the town of Barbaresco is the ancient home and vineyards of La Ca Nova which cover an area of 12 hectares. For Barbaresco production, 10 hectares. All wine produced each year is 25,000 bottles.
Here three brothers, Pietro, Giulio, and Franco Rocca, give meaning to the fruit of their labors by producing some of the most beautiful Barbaresco available in the world today.
The vines are cultivated with competence and love by people who feel close to the land; a time honored tradition dating back through generations. They are particularly selective in their methods of cultivation and do not expose their grapes to any chemical treatment.
Their cellar, while equipped with the most modern of wine producing techniques, is nevertheless built deep under the ground far from any noise or motion, where the temperature is stable.
Barbaresco must age a minimum of two years, one of which must be spent in oak barrels. The wine must then settle to develop its finishing touches in the bottle, so the bottles then spend long, quiet months, or even years, in the farthest corners of the wine cellar.
Pietro, Guilio, and Franco give meticulous care to every step of the way to their final objective.
All their enthusiasm and work is focused on the vineyards, that cover an area of 12 hectares. Their care and respect for the environment and the ecosystem in which they operate allows them to follow all the growing phases of the grapes and keeping under rigorous control the quantity they obtain a very high quality product.
As result, after all the wine-making operations, they have elegant wines with a strong character. At the village of Barbaresco, on the hill in front of the little village, a big yard within the houses is ready to welcome visitors and friends coming from far away.
Here you will find a warm atmosphere, the simplicity and the friendliness of the people together with the peace of the country-side all around.
Only the highest quality Barbaresco deserves the Rocca brothers' "La Ca Nova" label.
"La Ca Nova" produces three bottlings from the estate, a Barbaresco Estate Bottled wine, a "Montestefano" Cru and a "Bric Mentina" Cru. All these wines are a triumph of experience and emotion.
Less than 300 cases are imported of each of these wines so they are micro-boutique in the truest sense.
Other wines produced are Barbera and Dolcetto.
Each year the farm carefully selects and produces, together with an estate Barbaresco obtained from a mix of grapes from their different vineyard areas,
three other Barbaresco wines from fruit of particular areas:
Montefico, Montestefano and Bric Mentina.
The annual average production is the following:
12000 bottles of estate Barbaresco, 5000 bottles of Montefico, 5000 bottles of Montestefano and 10000 bottles of Bric Mentina, 7000 of Dolcetto, 4000 bottles of Barbaresco, 1000 bottles of aqua vitae.

About Barbaresco and roughly translated:
One of the large wines of the Piedmont, to enjoy with passion, it is the Barbaresco.
The Barbaresco is a wine from the very ancient origins and Tito Livio mentions it, in Roman its monumentale story.
Ancient traditions say that the Roosters are come down in Italy attracted from the bonta' of the wine of Barbaritium, from that is derived then the name of "Barbariscum" and therefore that of "Barbaresco".
According to some, instead, would be derived its name from the barbaric hordes that first and after the fall of Rome fecero massacres in Italy.
In distant times the Barbaresco indifferently was called Nebbiolo or Barolo, and was vinified with the addition of grapes Moscatello and Passeretta that confer on it a taste sweet and effervescent.
Of the Barbaresco that we know today, an aristocratic red wine traced back to around 1799, when the Austrian general Melas asked for the "Nebbiolo of Barbaresco" to celebrate its worthy victory on the Frenchmen.
It was perhaps the goal of the 1800s that they began to produce the dry type, putting in perspective the extraordinary capacity of this wine.
It was the professor Domizio Cavazza, well known enologist, that is referred to in the technical news of winemaking and that founded in 1894 a Sociale cantina for the exclusive production of the Barbaresco.

La Ca Nova Barbaresco DOCG

La Ca Nova Estate
Grapes for this wine are a blend of all areas of the estate.
Ageing: 2 years, of which at least 1 in barrel of oak or of chestnut
Color: red granato with reflected arancioni.
Aromas: characteristic perfume, ethereal, agreeable, intense.
Taste: dry, full, strong, austero but vellutato, armonico.
Grape: Nebbiolo

Montestefano Cru
The grapes for this cru come from the best slopes that face south and east at La Ca Nova.
Barbaresco of an intense garnet red with lighter shades tending to orange. Dry and harmonius to the palate.
Maturation lasts two years, one of which is in wooden barrels.
Excellent with dishes rich in flavour and spices.
Pairings: with dishes of important and zesty meat, cacciagione and selvaggina from hare; in zone with the capretto arrosto, rich condito.
When very fragrant it is accompanied well with seasoned cheeses, rognoncini trifolati, fegatini.
Grape: Nebbiolo

Bric Mentina Cru
Grapes for this cru come from a small cap (bric) of the highest hill of La Ca Nova.
Where the vines receive the most sunlight and struggle the most for moisture. The result is a very concentrated, intense Barbaresco.
The color is a mellow red garnet which shades out to burnt orange near the sides of the glass.
The fragrance is a mixture of fresh fruit and flowers with rich spices.
Its refined flavor captures the praises of the most critical and demanding of the modern connoisseurs.
This Barbaresco is a regal companion for any meat dish as well as for cheese dishes.
Uncork 2 to 3 hours before serving - serve at room temperature.
Grape: Nebbiolo

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